why you should make travelling your hobby

Why you should make travelling an hobby

Travelling is the act of moving from a distant location to another.  which is not limited to the use of cars, aeroplane, train, and other means of transportation (Pardon me, since my grandfather’s death.

I have not heard about people travelling by leg. Of course, a Nigerian is reported to have travelled from Lagos to Abuja, when President Muhammad Buhari won his first presidential election. From Lagos to Abuja – A journey of about 755.6 km. (lol).

Travelling is one of the smartest ways to learn new things. With travelling, you learn new cultures, new languages and probably new lifestyle.

A friend once told me that a day travelling is more gainful than a week spent in school. Guess that is why Lucas Graham asked his mom and dad why they never travelled to exotic lands. Just as expected, the poor boy always had nothing to say when the summer ends. 🙂 🙂

Simple reasons why you should make travelling your hobby

 It adds to your knowledge

Travelling is the best means to add to your knowledge. With travelling, you get to know more about people from different places. You know more about their culture, language, food, religion, styles etc. You also get to taste new foods and speak with people from when another point of view.

Increases your experience: Travelling increases your experience and makes your thinking different from people that surround you. You learn new things everywhere you go. You could even get a fantastic business idea that will work well for your country.

Saves you from the work boredom

Works can be stressful and tiresome. You get tired every day, and it seems you are in prison. Why not travel to some new places and get to see more wonders. You get to learn new things.

Adds to your memory

When it comes to making memories, travelling will definitely be the first thing that comes to your mind. Places always have some unique features that are only limited to them, like the tropical forest in Africa, snowfall in Europe, America and some Asians countries, beautiful beaches in Australia and many more. Don’t forget “Because, in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain” Jack Kerouac

Learn life lessons

Travelling teaches you many life lessons like patience, history, lifestyle and manner. Travelling helps you understand how life works and helps you figure out other people in the situation.

Catch fun

Enjoy your journey and don’t forget to catch fun. Break the norms but abide by the rules.


Happy voyageur!!!


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