sex tourism in Costa Rica

Sex Tourism in Costa Rica – What Does it Feel Like?

Costa Rica is one of the top countries out there where you can easily buy the services of sex escorts without any restrictions or delay. Although the country is a third world country, it is still a nice place to be. Especially doing the dry season (mid-December to April). This awesome tourist season is full of plenty of sunshine. This makes it an ideal time for exploring rainforests and lounging on beaches. That says the dry season is the most popular (and expensive) time to visit Costa Rica for sex tourism.

Planning Your Sex Tour to Costa Rica

When planning your sex tourism to Costa Rica, it is important you put in some essential things in place. Make sure you book your room and tour reservations three months in advance to secure a spot. If you are a fan of the raining season, you can plan your visit between May and November when prices are at their lowest. There is a slight rain pause during June and July. Costa Rica’s forests burst with green foliage – a very nice time to go on sex tourism to Costa Rica.

Prostitution In Costa Rica

Prostitution is completely legal in Costa Rica, but just like most other countries, promoting or facilitating the prostitution of another, like pimping, brothels, or prostitution rings are illegal. Nevertheless, prostitution is common and practise openly throughout the country, particularly in popular tourist destinations.

Sex Tourism in Costa Rica

Sex tourism in Costa Rica has always been as a result of the rapid growth of international tourism in the country, and the country is being promoted as a popular destination for sex tourism. According to a reliable source, about 10% of tourists who visit Costa Rica engage in sex tourism. Many of the sex workers (about 10,000) are immigrants who travel to the country majorly because of the prostitution business.

Meeting A Sex Escort In Costa Rica

Although brothel, pimping, and prostitution rings are illegal in Costa Rica, there are still many other means you can easily procure a sex escort in Costa Rica. You can meet a prostitute at a bar, street, clubs or even in some illegal brothel. The price of a sex escort varies. This depends on the period and the kind of services you want. However, you can procure a sex escort for around $150.

Where To Hook A Sex Escort In Costa Rica

Just as expected, you will see prostitution business in all places in Costa Rica, however not to be compared to the red-light district in the country capital, San José, known as Gringo Gulch. Of course, you will see some prostitutes on the beach shore like Playa Tambor, Playa Conchal, Isla del Caño beach etc. San Jose prostitutes and Jaco Prostitutes remain the busiest in the country

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