The Imponderables Couchathon

Imponderables Couch It Out for Sick Kids

Sometimes when I've had nothing to do, I would lounge around on a couch (back when I had one), for an undetermined amount of time, and just... not care. Everyone loves that once in a while.

But imagine that you HAD to sit on the couch... with three of your friends, for a reeeeally loooong time...

Welcome to Couchathon, a webcast charity event being put on by local sketch troupe The Imponderables via Rocket Ace Moving Pictures on Thursday morning. And it's right on your computer, so you don't have to go out in the cold!

At 11am on November 6th, Dave, Eric, Tony, and Jon are going to be sitting on a couch together until YOU decide they can leave. The time spent is determined by how much money is donated to Sick Kids, and Child's Play, a charity providing books, video games, and other entertainment to kids all over the world.

Couchathon has a few simple rules: 1. No sleeping, and 2. You can only get up to pee.

You can donate by going to the Couchathon website. There are also banners to link, an RSS feed, and a blog with audio clips of each of the guys telling a bit about themselves and each other.

The Imponderables perform every first Tuesday of the Month at the Rivoli. I can personally attest to their hilarity, so this promises to be a really fun event... even though no-one really has any idea what's going to happen.

Photo courtesy of The Imponderables facebook group.

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