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Leafs' broadcast crew not worried they messed up series-winning call

Forgive Toronto Maple Leafs announcer Joe Bowen for getting a little bit too excited and flubbing a call for the team's win on Saturday night.

For the first time in 19 years, the longtime Leafs commentator had the opportunity to call the team advancing to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs with Toronto's 2-1 overtime victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning in Game 6 of their first round series.

The Leafs had fallen in the first round of the playoff six years in a row, and seven times in total, since their last series victory over the Ottawa Senators back in 2004.

And while Bowen had no shortage of passion on his call, he actually misidentified Morgan Rielly as the goal scorer that sent the Leafs through to the next stage of the postseason.

"They score! They score! Holy Mackinaw they score! Morgan Rielly! Mo, Mo, Mo Rielly! The Leafs have won it! They're going to the second round!"

Rielly did celebrate heavily and looked like he might've redirected the puck towards' Tampa Bay's net before it went in, but Toronto captain John Tavares was credited with the series winner.

"Joe, it may not be Rielly. It may have gone of the foot of [Lightning defenceman] Darren Raddysh. Tavares threw it to the net, I think John Tavares is going to get credit for the goal. And at this point, who cares?" colour commentator Jim Ralph added.

"Who cares?" Bowen retorted back before breaking into song.

"Happy days are here again! The sky is blue and clear again, we will drink good cups of cheer again! Happy days are here again," Bowen belted out, in reference to the 1963 Barbara Streisand song Happy Days Are Here Again.

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