45 Northwood Drive Toronto

Tiny looking Toronto home hits the market at almost $2 million

In 2013 this home sold for $788,000 and that was under asking. In 2017, despite no public sale records, the realtor informed theGentries 45 Northwood Drive was sold for $1,830,000...

Now, 45 Northwood Drive – which is more or less in the same state as 2013  – is being listed for $1,888,0000.

This isn't the first time the home has been listed though. In 2021, they listed it for $1.7 million in April. Then again in August for $1.83 million

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The living room. 

Nothing about the home is changing aesthetically; it still has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a small kitchen and living room. Everything in the house is pretty dated.

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The kitchen in the basement. 

The basement is the newest part of the house but it still looks tired. 

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The main floor kitchen. 

This might be because it's been rented out since 2013 and there hasn't been much upkeep or maintenance.

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

A spare bedroom. 

And yet, despite it all the price keeps climbing. 

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The basement has living room with a fireplace. 

Sure, the home is in a decent location for North York. It's close to public transport and amenities. 

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The backyard. 

The home is also sitting on a decent sized lot that goes back over 200 feet. 

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

Architectural plans for a new home. 

There are even plans to show what could be built on this property. 

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The main floor bathroom. 

But even still, you're probably thinking if the house didn't sell at $1.6 million, why would they think it would sell for $1,888,000? 

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The primary bedroom. 

Has the real estate market gotten that much more competitive in just one year?

45 Northwood Drive Toronto

The garage and back patio.

The answer: Yes. Yes, it has.

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