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I went to the viral Shrek Rave in Toronto and here's how it went

This past weekend, the viral Shrek-themed rave took over the Opera House for two sold out nights in a row. A thousand people dressed up in costumes to dance with Toronto’s silliest DJs.

Shrek Rave has been touring around North America and made stops in Toronto on Mar. 31 and Apr. 1.

It is a living, breathing meme in party form, based on the Dreamworks movie series with the ridiculously catchy soundtrack. 

The mastermind behind Shrek Rave, organizer Ka5sh is an artist and king of memes. He says, "The meme is expanding! The costumes are getting better and better and more elaborate. It’s a really fun time."

shrek raveCity after city, Ka5sh is getting to know different personality types. "I've noticed certain groups of people dress like the three blind mice. The sexy people dress like Lord Farquaad. Every Lord Farquaad is sexy as hell."

On Friday, night one, Ka5sh was first behind the decks as hundreds of people poured into the floor and balcony. Under the disco ball and bright green lights, DJ MeTime blasted all-time favourite rave hits.

shrek ravePan!c Pop turned the swamp into a moshpit, playing post-ironic bass music. Sixtroke’s insane mixing launched the energy to its peak.

Ms. GothicFish brought the house down with hardcore and bass tracks, screaming at the crowd "get out of my swamp" to close the Friday night.

shrek raveSixtroke and Pan!c Pop returned on Saturday and made sure party rock was in the house both nights. Alongside my fellow Kawaii Bass DJs I, Symphette, opened the Saturday show dressed as Puss in Boots.

Toronto Hardcore leader Ace shook the floor and had people headbanging on the mezzanine's rails. Angelphroot, as the Fairy Godmother in red cyberpunk visor sunglasses, completely charmed the crowd.

In between DJ sets, drag king Brattery Acid and queens Eve Hill, Maple Queef, Poison and friends performed dance renditions to classic Shrek tracks like "Holding Out For A Hero."

Shrek Rave is only ramping up, meaning more tours dates, recurring cities and bigger venues. It's an experience created and remixed by the people attending, and Toronto made the absolute most of it.

shrek raveKa5sh announced his magnum opus, the first and fancy Swamp Gala, in Hollywood. It is the next level of party from raves to a Shrek-themed ball that will then go on tour.

“People are communicating with each other and making the memes stronger,” he says.

Ka5sh’s next themed rave to return to Toronto will be the Big Bubble Rave, a Spongebob-themed party on May 27.

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