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Jeopardy! had an Ontario category and contestants handled it surprisingly well

Ontario was front and centre on U.S. television on Monday night, featuring a special category on Jeopardy! dedicated to Canada's most populous province.

The quiz show's Jan. 30 episode featured a very cheekily named category, "Worst Case Ontario"(a la Ricky LaFleur), that challenged contestants on the province's geography, landmarks and hockey teams. 

The $1000 Ontario question, related to the wonderful world of Windsor, asked contestants, "Zombies (& not the slow ones) are making their way from Detroit to this city across the Ambassador Bridge."

Contestant Sam correctly answers the question and kicks off the game.

"The intraprovince rivalry between the national capital's Ottawa Senators and these provincial capital NHLers comes to a fever of hate," asks the next clue.

One would think this is another easy question considering it asks specifically for the "provincial capital" team. However, one contestant incorrectly answers with "the flames," referring to the CALGARY Flames, which is just about as far off as you can get.

Sam correctly answers with "the Maple Leafs" and adds $800 to his total.

For $600, contestants were asked about the CN Tower with this clue, "King Kong, he's real and he's climbing this 1,815-foot structure, his eye filling the window of the revolving restaurant."

Sam, a seemingly Ontario expert, quickly racks up his total with this question as well.

The next question says, "this province directly to the west makes a series of nighttime cow-tipping raids causing general chaos."

In a very basic geography query, contestant Sam sees his first fumble with the answer of "Saskatchewan," while fellow player Jake guesses even further away with Alberta.

Thirty seconds quickly pass while the question goes unanswered, with all three contestants seemingly forgetting the last prairie province, Manitoba.

The last clue, "Worst case? Ill-tempered aquatic creatures emerge from this Great Lake upon which Thunder Bay sits," sees a correct guess by Jake, who answers with Lake Superior.

And that quickly wraps up the category. For these non-Canadian players, I have to say they didn't do terribly at all.

I guarantee that if Jeopardy champ Mattea Roach was on this episode, she would've absolutely crushed this category, being a U of T grad and all.

Late Jeopardy host Alex Trek would've also cleared the category, being from Sudbury and forever immortalized in his hometown with a gigantic mural.

If Jeopardy really wants to stump contestants, they should ask questions about the price of food found in Loblaws. 

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