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TikToker shares must-buy Canadian snacks that aren't available in the U.S.

The U.S. typically gets all of the shine when it comes to unique food items Canadians are willing to drive across the border for, so one TikToker is highlighting Canadian snacks that are worth a road trip.

It's true: Canadians will never say no to a trip down south to shop at Trader Joe's. So much so, that one American town has shared their disdain for it on Reddit.

It's hard to resist when Canucks who do their groceries in the U.S. say they save so much more money there than when they shop here.

But there are still plenty of quintessentially Canadian snacks that you can't get anywhere but home.

TikTok user @caalleigh recently shared a list of must-buy treats in Canada after one of her followers from the U.S. asked for suggestions.

"Please, can we just keep in mind that everybodys opinion is different, I’m just trying to feature all of the Canadian snacks that we have that I think people should just try at least once," she added as a disclaimer.

@caalleigh Replying to @Jessreads2much maybe i’ll do beauty and cosmetics edition next 👀 #canadiantiktok #canadiantok #canadiansnacks #visitingcanada #poutine #ketchupchips #canadianfood ♬ original sound - caaaalllleighh | perfumes 🫶🏻

She included the usual suspects like ketchup chips but also shared the different brands you can try that aren't Lays, including Old Dutch and Miss Vickie's Sweet and Spicy Ketchup chips.

She mentions Ruffles All Dressed chips, but the flavour has been available in the U.S. since 2017, although apparently Americans don't really understand it.

She then lists coffee creamers you can't buy in the U.S., including Tim Hortons' donut-flavoured creamers and Maple Latte International Delight.

And then there's the sizeable list of chocolate bars that aren't available in the U.S., including Aero bars, Coffee Crisp, Smarties and Caramilk.

Even though they're available in the U.S., the TikToker also mentions KitKat bars because she says it “tastes so much better in Canada.”

You can't have a list of must-buy Canadian snacks without the Kinder Surprise eggs, which are banned in the U.S. due to safety concerns regarding the small plastic toys in the chocolate egg.

You'll just have to eat the egg before you cross the border, unless you want to risk being stopped by border patrol for trying to smuggle contraband.

The TikToker also suggests more underrated Canadian snacks like Hawkins Cheezies (homemade in Belleville, Ontario!), Hickory Sticks, maple cookies, President's Choice chocolate chunk cookies and bannock.

She also suggests drinks including the classic Canada Dry ginger ale and the exclusive Canadian Crush flavour, Cream Soda.

Last, but definitely not least, the TikToker lists some of her go-to fast-food restaurant poutines including Wendy's, Dairy Queen, A&W and Burger King.

Many Canadians in the comments also recommended Costco and Harvey's poutine.

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