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Tim Hortons slams 'shrinkflation' claims that their food items are getting smaller

Many Canadians love to kick off their morning rush with a Tim Hortons breakfast wrap, but complaints have been emerging alleging this quick snack on the go is shrinking in size, at a moment in history where runaway food prices make daily headline fodder.

But Timmies is firing back, claiming that there is no so-called 'shrinkflation' at play, and arguing that their menu items have not shrunk in any way.

For several months, Tim Hortons customers have taken to social media to voice their displeasure over perceived diminishing breakfast wrap and farmer's wrap sizes, calling out the ubiquitous coffee and donut chain over alleged shrinkflation for the popular menu items.

Several Timmies customers have accused the franchise of noticeably reducing portion sizes in recent months. One X user even claimed in June that their wrap was a mere half the size of what they were accustomed to.

Another commenter spoke out on X, claiming the brand has "lost its touch over the years," criticizing its decision to remove some menu items, and adding to the chorus of allegations claiming that Timmies is "shrinking the breakfast wraps."

Shrinkflation accusations aren't just limited to Tim Hortons' breakfast wraps. Even coffee drinkers are calling out the chain and claiming that sizes have been reduced for the brand's flagship offering.

Another X user asks, "Is it just me or are the Tim Hortons coffee sizes another victim of shrinkflation? The Large coffee cup I was just handed does not look like previous Larges."

Unlike a change in price that signals to customers that the food-to-cost ratio has changed, shrinkflation is often considered an insidious tactic to trick customers into thinking that they are still getting the same value as before.

But Tim Hortons is standing its ground, arguing that while packaging sizes and the presentation of some items have indeed changed, portions at its restaurants have not changed one bit.

A Tim Hortons representative tells theGentries that "Our Farmer's Wrap has all the same great-tasting ingredients as ever! We HAVE NOT changed the size or ingredients of the Farmer's Wrap or any other breakfast wraps offered at Tims."

As to why Tim Hortons patrons are reporting shrinkflation, the representative suggests that a change in packaging style and the way the wraps are rolled may have some in the breakfast crowd feeling shortchanged.

"Earlier this year, we also transitioned to serving our wraps in wrap paper, which uses 75 per cent less material. The wraps are now rolled burrito style and we've had great feedback from our guests on the quality and taste of the product."

theGentries requested a copy of Tim Hortons' 2022 nutrition guide to compare with the current version for any clues like changes in calories or fat content, however, the requested information was not provided.

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