What do you think it means when they say life is not easy?

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What do you think it means when they say life is not easy?

Mon May 13, 2019 3:42 pm

My brother, David Akinwale once wrote, "life is not easy, don't let anyone deceive you."

I realize that it is false to base our (general) resolutions based on our personal problems with life; it is as well stupid and unprincipled to make a shift from living our life as our own firsthand template for what has pragmatically befell us, being a catalyst to our resolution on what life is. It is what we have seen and have believed in that eventually become what we believe to be it.

In Nigeria today, we have more unemployed than the employed. We have more entrepreneurial interested individuals; some are either cheated (scammed), some wallow in penury for investment, some could not even understand their place in the world they live in today. A bunch, hundred of thousands of graduate exits the higher institution system in Nigeria every year, with good grades, enviable intellectuals, most of them end up driving Uber, they end up riding motorcycles. I don't know the specific statistics nor do I want to be certain about it but I know that in Nigeria, the average, I mean the poor class is much more than the upper/middle-class people. The unemployed is much more than the employed. People bear their cross these days, the government is no Jesus Christ.

We do not have money. We attend schools to gain knowledge, apply them into the society and get paid for it. But we only have knowledge, we can't apply nor make money from it because we remain unemployed, and when a few of us gains employment, it is in organizations far different from his field of study.

In the world, we are all victims of disasters. If you're rich, you have a problem of insecurity; if you are poor, you have much more. If you sleep in your house, you have to keep your eyes opened so that you won't be attacked, robbed or maimed. If you sleep in your hostel, you have to keep your eyes opened so that your properties won't be stolen before dawn. These are disasters, let alone natural bloody disasters.

We need to love. We fall in love, we live and love to all the planets and back, to all the celestial bodies and back yet we fear for our emotions, we fear for love, that one day, a son or daughter of an alien _(cuss word)_ will break our heart, shatter it into pieces and call us the relic of a sweet relationship. We fall in love and at times, we want out again. But at times we say love is sweet, love is bliss ...

We want to make a name. Beckon on a single person while multitudes rush to our side. We want to live and be recognized as someone who saw life, faced it and he's proud and happy for living, and we think it's a joke, we think it will always be fine as the beginning, we think it will continue to be like the first time. We call ourselves names, we give it to the world, and we doubt ourselves again. We appear strong outside, we command respect and all other associated things to fame and intellectuality while inside, we question ourselves, ask how much we even worth, how much we mean to people, when we know in reality, dead or alive, some people even among our folks/gathering do not care about us. We worry too much —

I have stopped wondering why people seek peace in death. I feel they feel the ultimate peace is in death while in reality, the ultimate peace is in yourself. The world can give no peace, only you can give yourself peace, only you can feel it, nobody else. That is why you live up to nobody but yourself. But it is also hard to find peace in a _peaceless_ and chaotic world.

— We have so many worries. So tell me life is easy, and I'll tell you that as little as I am, I've gone through hell, and I'm still going through it.

As much as you live in Nigeria, no matter how sweet it is, you spend each day uncomfortably. You need a better life than what you live regardless of what you do or what you are, that is why nothing is easy, nothing is easy; neither life nor living. But we live.

"words from the innocent mind"
Akinwale Peace Akindayo
Philip Peace

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